bbPress Voting Pro

$50.00 $30.00 / year

The bbPress Voting Pro plugin is a premium plugin that enabled advanced features on top of the main bbPress Voting plugin.

With bbPress Voting Pro, you get:

  • Accepted answers
  • “Who voted” avatars
  • Sort dropdown
  • Sort on weighted score
  • Trending topics widget
  • Schema for Q&A rich snippets
  • Voting email notification to author
  • … and more to come!

This low price is temporary.  As I add more features, the price will go up.  Lock in this low price now!


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Accepted answers

bbPress Voting Accepted Answers

bbPress Voting Pro gives you the accepted answers feature.

The author of a topic has the ability to click the “Accept” button on any reply in the topic.  The accepted answer shows a green checkmark to all users/visitors, and the opening topic will have a link to jump to the accepted answer.

“Who voted” avatars


Show who has already voted on a reply.

A row of user avatars will display under the reply content.  They will have a green or red border depending on whether they voted up or down.

Sort Dropdown

bbPress Voting Sort Dropdown

bbPress Voting Pro now gives you a dropdown to sort topics or replies based on the best voting scores or by the default sort.

Sort on weighted score

{\displaystyle {\frac {1}{~1+{\frac {\,z^{2}\,}{n}}~}}\left({\hat {p}}+{\frac {\,z^{2}\,}{2n}}\right)\pm {\frac {z}{~1+{\frac {z^{2}}{n}}~}}{\sqrt {{\frac {\,{\hat {p}}(1-{\hat {p}})\,}{n}}+{\frac {\,z^{2}\,}{4n^{2}}}~}}}

Want a better sorting system than sorting based on the simple score derived from up votes minus down votes?

Weighted scoring utilizes the Wilson binomial proportion confidence interval formula takes into account the volume of votes to generate a statistical percentage that represents the confidence that the up votes will beat the down votes.

bbPress Voting Pro implements this weighted score calculation and uses it to sort topics and replies in a much smarter way.

In other words, …

10 ups – 1 down = 9 simple score

… has a much greater weighted score than…

100 ups – 90 downs = 10 simple score Rich Snippets for Q&A Pages

bbPress Voting Pro includes automatic JSON-LD structured data using the Q&A Page entity from

The rich snippet data includes the question, the accepted answer, and the next top 2 answers by voting score as suggested answers.  Each answer also shows the number of upvotes.

An example in search results of a question and answer card

See this Google help page to see how this is implemented.

Trending Topics Widget

bbPress Voting Pro enables a new widget (found in Appearance > Widgets) called Trending Topics.  It will display a list of topics sorted by the highest voting score (either basic or weighted, depending on your setting for that).

The widget settings allow you to set the max number of topics, parent forum ID, show post date, and show topic author.

bbPress Voting Pro Trending Topics Widget Settings

Here’s what it looks like out of the box without styling.

bbPress Voting Pro Trending Topics Widget Display

Voting email notifications to authors

Want topic and reply authors to receive an email notification each time someone votes on their topic or reply?

Enable this feature only available in bbPress Voting Pro.

About the License

Your license gives you access to new features & bugfix updates as well as priority support for one year.

After one year, you can renew your license to keep receiving updates and support.

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