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The WordPress ecosystem of tools is huge!  That’s one of the biggest reasons most people go with WordPress.

But, do you find yourself feeling lost at sea with too many options to choose from?

In this post, I’m bringing together some of my favorite tools and resource that complement my WordPress websites (and would help yours too).

SiteGround Hosting

As a professional web developer for 20+ years, I’ve worked with a ton of hosting companies.  Some were pretty good, and some were horrible!

Now, I put all of my websites on SiteGround hosting (including this one), and I’ve never been happier.

I love SiteGround so much that I’ve recommended them to several of my friends, family members, and colleagues who have their own websites.  I have yet to hear of any of them having a bad experience.

So, if you’re starting a new website or looking to switch to better hosting, I highly recommend you sign up for SiteGround hosting.

WP Rocket Plugin

Again, since I’ve been developing WordPress websites for so many years, I’ve tried caching plugins.  In fact, I’ve tried them all!

I have extensive experience with optimizing WordPress website for fast page speed, and there has only been one plugin that dominated the rest.  That’s WP Rocket.

If you’re serious about getting your WordPress website to load as fast as possible to improve user experience and increase your SEO, then you need to buy the WP Rocket plugin.

After you buy the plugin, follow my step-by-step tutorial on how to speed up WordPress using WP Rocket.

Page Builder Plugins

If you want to build really nice-looking home or landing pages, but don’t want to hire a designer and developer to make it come to life, you should use a WordPress page builder plugin.

Most of them have limited free versions of their plugins, but if you want to go all out for your website, then get the pro version.

Since there are a ton of page builder plugins available to WordPress and some appeal to people differently, here are my top 3 favorites…


The king of keyword research tools is SEMRush.  If you want to make more educated decisions about the blog topics that you’re writing about and the keywords that you’re using, you need to sign up for SEMRush.

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