How to Change VS Code’s Integrated Terminal to Git Bash

VS Code

When you first started using VS Code you may have dismissed that little notification in the corner that asked if you wanted to switch your integrated terminal.

In my case, running on Windows, the default terminal was set to Command Prompt (cmd.exe) which is just plain inferior to Git Bash which you probably already have installed if you have installed Git (which you should).

So, if you missed that notification that let you change it, how do you change it later?


How to Switch the Integrated Terminal in VS Code

Press Ctrl + Shift + P

Search for and select “Terminal: Select Default Shell

Select “Git Bash


Now, your integrated terminal at the bottom of VS Code will be using Git Bash, so you’ll have Unix style commands and nice colorful text.

How to Show and Hide the VS Code Integrated Terminal

Tip: You can toggle your terminal panel by pressing Ctrl + ` (that’s the tick/tilde key).

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