Local Dev Setup With Wildcard Subdomain Vhost

Wildcard Subdomain Vhost

When setting up new local sites for development, skip the hassle with this game-changing setup that uses a single vhost with a wildcard subdomain so you never have to mess with vhosts ever again.

  • Don’t hassle with setting up a vhost every time
  • Don’t waste time adding more rows to your hosts file
  • Don’t mess with developing a site in a subdirectory where absolute links starting with “/” take you back to your localhost dashboard.

Instead, use this dynamic vhost configuration that takes all subfolders of your workspace and makes them accessible as a subdomain.


After that is setup, you just git clone in your workspace folder, you can instantly access that site at http://repo-name.localhost.tv

Localhost.tv is a website that has a wildcard DNS for all subdomains to point to so everyone can use it to point to their own localhost.

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